This Dhaba Style Chicken Curry stands for every road trip we’ve had with our families. Same bold flavours, ready in under 45 minutes – it’s hot and fragrant and is made with ground spices, onions and tomatoes. I’ve shared how to make this recipe in a traditional pressure cooker, instant pot and on the stovetop.

Dhaba style chicken curry served in the pressure cooker it was made in

I think I’ve finally nailed it. This Dhaba Style Chicken Curry is SO good. Its legit, as close as it gets to eating it in a dhaba. Spicy, fragrant with spices, big, bold flavours and really juicy pieces of chicken.

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Dhabas, for the uninitiated are roadside restaurants scattered all over the country, and their food is unique. Hell, the experience is unique and is one you must have. Small mud shacks, with only chaarpai’s (rope and wooden cots) and a wooden plank for a table, you’ll find them as you drive along the highway. They are usually patronized by truck drivers and budget travellers who are looking for food which reminds them of home. Growing up, the highlight of any road trip was a stopover at a dhaba for steaming hot, spicy dhaba style chicken curry, dal fry or dal makhani and tandoori rotis fresh from the oven to mop it all up. These soul satisfying meals will always be etched on to my heart!

Unlike my other recipes, this one’s slightly time consuming because masala is ground and cooked till it’s color changes. This is characteristic of most Indian curries, and the slow cooking process or bhuno is what lends dishes a unique flavor.

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